2023 Tie Dye Kits (Shirt + Dye!)

2023 Tie Dye Kits (Shirt + Dye!)


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Welcome to the Tiger Rock TShirt Lineup these Fun Project Shirts!

Each kit includes:
1 Tiger Rock White-on-White Tshirt (Tiger Rock text will be revealed when shirt is dyed!)
5 Powdered Dyes (Tiger Rock Red, Black Belt Black, Purple, Blue and Gold/Orange)
5 Application Bottles
1 Funnel for easy mixing of dyes in bottles
5 Pairs of plastic gloves
1 Plastic table or surface covering

Perfect summer project for parents night out, summer camps or even just for students to do at home with their families! Hold a contest and see who can make the coolest shirt!

*Note: For best results, wet shirt so it is damp before dying; Seal tied, dyed shirt in plastic bag for at least 24 hours before rinsing in cold water and washing in solo cycle (dye will get on other clothes in washer the first few washes).

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